Customers have complete confidence in Sodick – why?

Colin Griffiths of MTDCNC is at IMTS 2022 to interview Jim Alles of Sodick and learn about their latest additive manufacturing machine, the LPM325S. With an accuracy of 20 microns, the LPM325S can print new materials like cobalt chrome, aluminium, and titanium. The machine aims a powerful 500-Watt laser on to a bed of powder, and customers can expand that to an additional 500 Watts to make for a 1000-Watt laser. Jim shares how easy it is to use the machine, which can be up and running within 3 days thanks to Sodick’s brilliant training and support for customers. This model offers a much faster process for changing materials in just 6 hours and allows for easy secondary operations. With the LPM325S, Sodick focus on core industries such as mold, aerospace, and medical device manufacturing. Given Sodick’s extensive experience with additive manufacturing, customers have complete confidence in their products and service!

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