BYK-Gardner Unleashes Precision Power with BYKO-test 9500 Series: The Ultimate Dry-Film Thickness Gauges

The BYKO-test 9500 series of dry-film thickness gauges from BYK-Gardner USA offer precise measurements on both Fe and NFe substrates. These gauges are equipped with a detachable probe and cable for versatile operation modes. They feature convenient functions for storing, archiving, and documenting measured values, enabling easy device setting adjustments on a PC, and pre-configuring pass/fail limits.

The Premium model enhances usability by allowing the creation of up to 100 jobs, each with 100 areas, and includes functions aligned with established ISO and SSPC methods. Housed in a dust-tight and water spray-protected fiberglass-reinforced plastic casing (IP65), these instruments come with an ISO 17025 certificate.

The 3677 Premium+ model takes it a step further with a total memory capacity of 2,000,000 readings, continuous measurement functionality, the ability to create 100 jobs, combined measurement for Fe and NFe coatings, and adjustments for ISO 19840 and SSPC Zero Offset, along with two-point accuracy verification.

Both the 3677 and 3676 models deliver measurements on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates, feature temperature compensation directly in the sensor for precision on curved and small parts, allow easy adjustment on various substrates, and come with a 61mm (2.4″) color display resistant to scratches and chemicals (Level H6). They also include a stainless steel probe with dust protection membrane (IP65), a flip display with adjustable brightness, simplified and rapid documentation and reporting capabilities, and support for multiple languages.

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