ARCH Medical Solutions & Morris Redefine Partnership in Manufacturing

In the competitive realm of contract manufacturing, ARCH Medical Solutions has carved a niche for itself, offering unparalleled services in the medical, orthopedic, aerospace, and robotic surgical device sectors. The quest for a machine tool distributor that could match their high standards for technology and service led them to Morris, marking the beginning of a partnership built on mutual respect, innovation, and excellence.

Partnership Beyond Technology

Joe Young, Business Unit President at ARCH Medical, underscores the importance of a partnership that extends beyond mere technology. “While technology is a cornerstone, it’s the partnership and the comprehensive service that set Morris apart,” says Young. This synergy has propelled ARCH Medical towards embracing automation and lights-out manufacturing, enhancing efficiency and productivity without compromising on quality.

A Testament to Service Excellence

Morris’ commitment to service excellence played a pivotal role in ARCH Medical’s decision-making process. From the sales journey guided by Steve Patria’s expertise to the seamless integration of cutting-edge machine tools, Morris has proven to be more than a distributor; they are a strategic partner. Their service capabilities, highlighted by prompt and effective solutions, underscore Morris’s unique position in the distributor landscape.

Elevating Production and Quality

The collaboration has significantly uplifted ARCH Medical’s production capabilities and product quality. Tailoring machine tools to specific needs has led to remarkable production efficiency, enabling ARCH Medical to double their production rates while fostering a smarter, less labor-intensive working environment.

Exceptional Support in Times of Need

A standout instance of Morris’s exceptional service was their rapid response to a capacity issue faced by ARCH Medical, involving a used Tsugami machine. Morris’s swift action in resolving the issue underscored their commitment to client success, reinforcing the trust and reliance ARCH Medical places in their partnership.

A Strong Endorsement

Joe Young’s strong endorsement of Morris for companies seeking dependable machine tools and a partnership oriented towards success highlights the satisfaction and confidence ARCH Medical has in Morris. Their ability to address challenges effectively and maintain high service levels has cemented Morris’s reputation as a leader in the industry.


ARCH Medical Solutions continues to thrive, leveraging Morris’ exceptional products and services. This partnership exemplifies how the right collaboration can lead to advancements in manufacturing, setting new benchmarks for quality and efficiency. As ARCH Medical Solutions moves forward, they do so with a partner that not only understands their needs but is also committed to their success.

For businesses looking to elevate their manufacturing capabilities, ARCH Medical Solutions and Morris present a blueprint for success, blending innovative technology with unmatched service and support.

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