Here’s why Zero Hour Parts invested in Matsuura

Realising skilled labour is a bottleneck for growth, Zero Hour Parts wanted to enable lights out machining and their new Matsuura machine fits the bill! Tony Gunn of MTDCNC interviews Dan Schmidt of Zero Hour Parts to find out why his company chose Matsuura and how the investment has helped them with unmanned running. With skilled labour and CNC programming as a huge cost, the ability to run unattended overnight and on weekends was critical for Zero Hour Parts. After spending a couple of years trying to design a lights out machining centre for the business, Dan came across a more cost-effective solution: a great machine from a reputable company with an army of engineers to support Zero Hour Parts. With the ability to load 32 different jobs and hold more than 300 tools, the machine spends less than ten minutes a day switching out tools. Matsuura has been a huge time saver for Zero Hour Parts, helping free up their programmers so they focus on what they do best. Dan acknowledges the accuracy and rigidity of the machine, allowing Zero Hour Parts to know what to expect. Watch the full video for more benefits of Matsuura and the continuous growth and success of Zero Hour Parts!

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