Hi-Spec Precision Engineering invest in the powerful MX-330 from Matsuura

Chloe Reeve of MTDCNC is with Darren Grainger of Hi-Spec Precision Engineering to discuss his latest investment in the Matsuura MX-330. Darren says the business was looking around the market for a solution to automate their 5-axis machining on lower volumes. The MX-330 was the perfect fit owing to multiple factors such as rigid build quality, 5-axis capability, and its capacity for the size and weight of parts. From site surveying to delivery and installation to commissioning, Darren says the entire process was super smooth with Matsuura very proactive throughout. Within a week of being delivered, the MX-330 was commissioned and ready to go. Hear more from Darren on the machine’s intelligent remote monitoring for tool life optimization and how to get the most cycle time per pallet changer!

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