24/7 unmanned running for Olympus Engineering with the Matsuura H.Plus-405 multi-pallet system

With 98% spindle run time on a 24/7 basis, the future is looking good for Olympus Engineering and Matsuura! MTDCNC’s Paul Jones visits Stoke-on-Trent to meet Domenic Seminerio of Matsuura and learn more about the success of a reliable multi-pallet system installed at Olympus Engineering. Experiencing increased customer demand for smaller batches of parts, Olympus Engineering required a flexible solution for switching over quickly between jobs. Matsuura’s H.Plus-405 delivered a quick solution with lots of tools and more pallets per spindle, enabling machine utilization at 98% OEE with zero changeover time! Hear the incredible success story of Olympus Engineering and their ability to capitalize on unmanned hours, achieve much higher productivity, and validate spindle uptime with the RiMM machine monitoring software on all Matsuura multi-pallet machines in the UK!

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