Tooling 2000 expand their portfolio with HURCO CNC machines

Tom Skubala and Dean Hemming are at Tooling 2000 to have a closer look at their HURCO CNC machines. Tooling 2000 are trying to expand by purchasing new machines that help broaden their portfolio. Standing in front of a TM12i, Dean talks about the benefits of the HURCO lathe with conversational programming and user-friendly features, making it possible to do most jobs straight on the machine. Dean also explains how Tooling 2000 ventured into 5 axis with the VMX 42 SRTi that features newer controls and programming options. And the showstopper today is certainly the DCX 42i, the biggest machine HURCO has made! With a 4.2m by 2.6m travel, there’s not much Tooling 2000 can’t do with this machine.

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