Röders RXP 500 supplied by HURCO makes life easier for Crossen Engineering

The Röders RXP 500 VMC supplied by HURCO is accurate, user-friendly, and does what you tell it to do! Rowan Easter-Robinson of MTDCNC is with James Dunlop of Crossen Engineering to understand how the RXP 500 helps Crossen Engineering hit absolute accuracy and good surface finishes every day. Crossen Engineering supply moulds and mould inserts for a variety of sectors and need to achieve tight tolerances within quick turnaround times to get parts out the door. With the high-spec Röders, they’re able to use the automated RENISHAW probe that reduces human error and offers simplicity for multiple datums. Higher spindle speeds allow them to achieve finer details with smaller diameter cutters. Find out how the Röders RXP 500 offers efficiency, a reduction in processes, and CMM capabilities to make life easier for Crossen Engineering.

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