Here’s how you can have full 5-axis capability on your 3-axis HURCO machines

Lyndsey Vickers of MTDCNC and Keith Hounslow of HURCO share why and how a rotary table sits so well on HURCO machines. The simple plug-and-play system works by programming the rotary table from the conversational software, allowing it to interface into the software and offer full 5-axis capability the same as any 5-axis machine out there. The datum point can be anywhere on the table because the software has the ability to track the datum when it turns the part. Lyndsey and Keith discuss how this solution offers the best of both worlds, allowing users to easily pull the table off or plug it in to switch between 3-axis and 5-axis. The table can be retrofitted into 5 to 10-year-old HURCO machines. HURCO come on-site to deliver 3 days’ training with one day of training to learn the software. If you want to know how you can switch from a 3-axis to 5-axis and vice versa in 5 minutes, watch the video for all the details!

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