Robo Challenge – How GUHRING tools offer excellent repeatability, accuracy, and surface finishes

MTDCNC is in Birmingham to find out more about Robo Challenge and why they use GUHRING tools for their components. With their fast-paced quick-turnaround work, Robo Challenge need custom tooling available the next day to ensure timely high-spec jobs. Working with Robo Challenge for 11 years, GUHRING supply a vast array of toolholders, drills, taps, reamers, cutters, and bespoke tooling. Robo Challenge love the GUHRING HPC toolholder that delivers excellent repeatability and holding forces as well as a very low runout of 3 microns! Hear more from Grant Cooper of Robo Challenge, and David Hudson and Chris Bush of GUHRING on custom tools that offer versatility, flexibility, and brilliant surface finishes. 16 years on, Robo Challenge are known for building fighting robots in their work on Robot Wars, but they also take on fast-paced R&D work and whacky one-off projects.

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