This is how Volz Engineering has future-proofed their business with the support of ETG!

Rowan Easter-Robinson is at Volz Engineering in Rochdale to discuss the brand new MV 2400s EDM machine from Mitsubishi supplied by ETG. Speaking to Alan Reeson and James Alletson from Volz Engineering, Rowan asks how the company has benefited from this machine and what they’ve been able to accomplish. A modern machine, the MV 2400s has come under budget and brought everything in house for Volz Engineering, where they now have the confidence to meet customer demand and make products right the first time. Talking about ETG, Alan says their support has been extraordinary, with ETG being very open and responding immediately whenever they need assistance. Watch the video to find out how the filter machine manufacturer sets up the MV 2400s to run unmanned while they productively use their time on other jobs.

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