Super Precise Moulds at Rivercircle thanks to their Axile 5 axis

Explore the precision world of mould machining and the art of achieving impeccable surface finishes on a 5-axis machine – a formidable challenge that demands stability and rigidity, especially when working with harder materials commonly used in mould tools. In our latest video, join Rowan as he investigates Rivercircle in Peterborough, where they’ve just installed their second Axile 5-axis machine, courtesy of The Engineering Technology Group.

This insightful journey unveils the intricate process of machining precision moulds and showcases the impressive capabilities of the Axile machine. If you appreciate the allure of shiny, well-produced, high-value, and large machined parts, this video is a must-watch. The Axile range has earned global acclaim, becoming the preferred choice for companies worldwide seeking to achieve tight tolerances and breath-taking surface finishes. Discover the precision, artistry, and innovation that define the Axile range in this captivating video.

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