Efficiency and production at scale for Cirp with AMFG automation software

How does AMFG’s workflow automation software enable greater scalability for Cirp in Heimsheim Germany? Using different materials and processes, Cirp produce one-offs to thousands of 3D printed polymer parts for customers. By streamlining the manufacturing process, AMFG allows Cirp to produce at scale, cutting out admin lost time and ensuring quality and traceability throughout the journey. With increasing customer demands and more complex requests, Cirp believe AMFG will help them respond to customers quickly and offer innovative products for new markets. Hear more from Matt Martin of AMFG and Thomas Lück, Adriana Rodriguez, Christian Seifarth, and Fatma Karayagiz of Cirp about the fantastic collaboration between the two companies that are constantly pushing innovation to serve customers around the world.

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